Dives Med® Polifill

DIVES MED / Dives Med

Dives Med® Polifill is an injection polynucleotide gel designed for deep redermalization (remodelling) and reconstruction of the skin structure. The product is an analog of physiological DNA of skin cells and is used for intensive reconstruction of tissues damaged by external factors and changed by chronological or solar ageing.

This product is an alternative to Profhilo & Nucleofil

The polynucleotides contained in the product are nucleic acids formed by highly purified nucleotide fragments of DNA and RNA, which are 100% analogs of human deoxyribonucleic acid. Their use allows for the repair of damaged DNA matrix of cells, acceleration of metabolism and proliferation of cells, and intensification of replication and renewal of skin cells.

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Dives Med® Polifill corrects age-related skin changes, accelerates, and effectively influences skin regeneration, synthesis of skin supporting proteins, restoration of endogenous hyaluronic acid and increasing the level of hydration and filling of tissues. The synergy of mechanisms of action and three-dimensional stimulation at the cellular level provide excellent regeneration and a complementary solution to fight the signs of skin aging. The use of fish polynucleotides with the highest affinity and biocompatibility with human skin cells guarantees perfect tolerance and the highest effectiveness of Polifill Strong therapy.

  • Mode of Action

Initiation of collagen and elastin synthesis Improvement of skin elasticity and density
Increasing tension and firmness
Stimulation of the synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid
Improvement of tissue hydration and hydration
Intensification of regenerative and metabolic processes
Increasing the rate of cell replication and division
Repair of damage caused by external factors (tobacco smoke, smog, air pollution, UV radiation)
Eliminating the symptoms of solar and chronological ageing
Protection against oxidative stress and protein glycation
General rejuvenation, smoothing the skin and improving skin condition

  • The three-dimensional operation of Dives Med® Polifill is in :

Skin Biorestructuring – protection and repair of damaged DNA matrix of skin cells, resulting in strong revitalization and optimization of the pace of physiological processes of the skin
Skin Redermalization – initiation of stimulation of skin support fibres and endogenous hyaluronic acid, influencing remodelling, lifting, and thickening of the skin structure
Skin Hydration – strong hydration of tissues and increasing their cohesiveness, resulting from the high water-binding capacity of polynucleotides

  • Indications

Flabby skin with progressive ageing
Photoaging and exogenous ageing
Mimic and static wrinkles
Cutaneous atrophy and elastosis
Loss of skin firmness and tension
Dry and dehydrated skin
Skin regeneration and stimulation of cell renewal
Anti-ageing prevention

  • Advantages :

Synergy of multidimensional mechanisms of action
Complementary effects at the cellular level
Fish-derived polynucleotides with the highest affinity and biocompatibility with human skin cells
High concentration of polynucleotides dedicated to advanced signs of ageing
Dedicated to all ages and skin types

  • Application :

  • Polynucleotides concentration :


  • Metabolization time :

3-4 months

  • Capacity :

2 ml

  • Main features :

A medical device intended for injection, single-phase, sterile, pyrogen-free.

  • Indications :

Correction of deep wrinkles
Eliminating skin atrophy and sagging
Lifting and increasing skin tension
Improved hydration and antioxidant protection of the skin

  • Advantages of Dives Med® Polifill :

Tissue redermalization (remodelling)
Skin bio restructure
Tissue hydration
Lifting and remodelling
Intense antioxidation

  • Application techniques :

5 point deposit technique
Retrograde linear technique using a cannula
Microdeposit technique using a needle

pH 6.80 – 7.50
Treatment safety
ISO 13485

  • Treatment series :

4 treatments every 15-30 days

  • Implantation depth dermis :

the mucosa of the labial red

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