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Dermica® GoldPen Cartridge (box of 30 Disposable 11-Needles) - Stylo Hyaluron Pen Mesotherapy

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Box of 30 Disposable 11-Needles for your GoldPen. 

Gold Pen is the safest, most hygienic, fastest and most effective transdermal delivery system. Its unique microneedle system quickly and safely opens thousands of microchannels. It increases the production of collagen and elastin in a safe and natural way for the patient.

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Box of 30 Disposable 11-Needles

GoldPen has a unique micro-needle system that opens thousands of micro-channels quickly and safely, increasing the production of collagen and elastin in a natural and safe way for the patient. GoldPen is a practical and effective tool for maximizing the results of anti-aging facial and body treatments. It allows the assets to be introduced into the appropriate area in a proper manner. It has a head of 11 disposable micro-needles. It allows to penetrate from 0.25mm to 2.5mm, and the speed of the hands up to 120 cycles / second. It creates up to 1200 micro-channels per second allowing greater efficiency in the introduction of assets.

- The use of disposable needles eliminates the risk of infection.
- The treatments are carried out with greater speed and precision than with traditional inline skates.
- Easily manageable. Simple and easy to transport. Low cost of consumable.

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